Monday, November 11, 2019

November 2019 Guam Council IRA Newsletter

PBS Kids

            PBS Kids ( is a simple, safe online experience for preschoolers who are learning basic skills, and who already know many of the characters featured on the website such as Sesame Street and Curious George.  They will enjoy playing games with their favorite character for free.  PBS Kids is designed for children 4 and up.  The site features games, videos and other activities that center on popular PBS live- action and animated show characters.  On PBS Kids face page, there is a rotating wheel with all the different characters to choose from.  When you select a character it will take you directly to their page to play educational and fun games.

            This educational site provides basic lessons involving favorite PBS TV characters in an easy-to-use format with voice over instructions.  There is so much to do on this site including watching TV, playing games and activities that can be printed out to do offline. Some of the activities included on the site are letters, numbers and shapes for primary and for the older students they have skilled subjects such as language and reading, following directions, letters, word recognition, reading and vocabulary.

            What is also cool about this website is they have a free app that allows adults to monitor their child’s activity online.  The app will periodically send parents an update with the sites corresponding app, reporting all their child’s activity online

            Overall, PBSKids seems to be an appropriate site for children and students with many fun activities, games and TV shows to keep children entertained.  I would recommend this more to parents than to teachers, and I would also recommend to the parents the monitoring app to make sure children are no going into forbidden sites or getting too much computer time.
-Contributed by C. Lorenzo