Tuesday, June 16, 2015

News & Resources from UNC's Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute

New Workshop Opens for Professionals Who Train Teachers with Students Ages 3-8
The Incredible Years® Teacher Classroom Management program strengthens teachers’ classroom management skills, promotes children’s competence and school readiness, and reduces classroom aggression and disruptive behaviors--and teachers even report decreased stress levels after attending the training... more

FPG Researchers Discuss Supporting Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Schools are teaching increasing numbers of students with ASD as its prevalence has grown 200 percent in the last decade, and although educators want to provide a good and effective educational experience, they may not be sure where to start or what to do… more

The PDC@FPG Offers New CONNECT Course for CEUs on Building Powerful Family Partnerships
This new course is an excellent complement to the "Communication for Professional Collaboration" course, which also helps promote partnerships with families with children in early care and education... more

Webinar on Thursday Demonstrates Self-Assessment Tool for State Part C and Section 619/Preschool Programs
The assessment tool produces a profile across quality indicators, provides a current snapshot to help prioritize improvement efforts, and generates a set of scores for states to measure progress... more

Early Childhood and Adolescence Are Key Times in the Development of Self-Regulation

According to the new "Foundations for Understanding Self-Regulation," self-regulation can be strengthened and taught, and skills that aren't developed early can be acquired later--with multiple opportunities for intervention... more

New Intervention for Preschools with Students with Autism Draws on Expertise from Educators and Researchers  

FPG scientists also used information from parents and children in a process involving multiple partners to develop the "Advancing Social-Communication and Play" intervention...more

Implementation Science Can Support and Propel Research and Evaluation in Early Care and Education
FPG's Allison Metz and colleagues introduce this series of free research briefs by explaining key elements of effective implementation within an integrated, stage-based framework... more

The Abecedarian Project Takes Center Stage in UNC's Most Popular TED Talk of the Year 
FPG scientist Kate Gallagher spoke about the most famous study in early education, and you can watch her talk here... more
Free Guide Helps Parents and Educators Ignite Children's Early Language Skills

More Than Baby Talk reveals how to spark communication skills in infants and toddlers... more

Free Learning Modules Use Videos and Teach Interventions for Toddlers with Autism
Based on FPG's extensive review of the research, these modules present focused intervention practices for use with toddlers with autism spectrum disorder... more

FPG's Implementation Science Team Contributes to the International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences
The new edition of the encyclopedia is a broad source of social and behavioral sciences reference material...  more
Source:  UNC's Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute