Friday, February 9, 2018

KidsLit TV

    Igniting a passion for reading in children can be the key to their success in the world. Many educators and parents search for strategies to help young children grow to share a love of reading. KidLit Tv ( is a website that can help engage students by providing supplemental activities and videos that make reading fun!
    KidLit Tv was founded by Julie Gribble. As an author herself, Julie wanted a place where authors and illustrators can connect with their audiences to help promote their books. The website has been a huge success and has won awards such as the Parent’s Choice Gold Award and the Norton Juster Award.
    The KidLit TV shows included on the website are broken up into six sections. The first section, StoryMakers is a talkshow featuring bestselling Kidlit authors and illustrators. The StoryMakers section can help students understand the authors purpose for writing the book. They can also learn things they may have never known about a book they have already read through the talkshows. It is a great feature for parents if they are searching for books for their children because they are able to learn all the details of a story through one episode.
    The Read Out Loud series features KidLit authors reading their books aloud. The best part of the series is it provides additional animation to capture children’s attention. The featured authors are enthusiastic and funny in the episodes which can motivate students to keep watching. The third series, Ready Set Draw, features illustrators teaching viewers how to draw characters or images from their stories. This is great for students who love to draw. The series enables educators and parents to integrate art into literacy.
    The website also features crafts and activities all related to literacy. The crafts include activities such as, making pom pom book marks, crafts that match holiday stories, and cooking recipes to supplement a variety of texts. This series is a great way to extend a story and integrate other subject areas into literacy.
    Children are often captivated by movie trailers. They may ask to watch a movie by simply viewing a short preview. KidLit TV has brought the same concept, but to books! The website features book trailers for stories to captivate students into reading a particular book. This is a great feature to showcase to students prior to reading a text. Building background knowledge and holding conversations prior to reading a story can help students succeed. The book trailers can be used to make predictions, identify setting, characters, and other story elements featured in the preview.
    The website offers many more features and resources that are extremely useful for students, parents, and educators. Teachers can showcase the website by having students watch a series, engage students in fun supplemental activities after reading a book, or preview the website before planning lessons for great ideas. KidLit TV has truly brought the fun to reading!

*Contribution by Christina Sablan Toves