Saturday, July 4, 2009

Family Literacy Websites

Family Literacy programs provide a way to teach families to read and write so that they can help their children at home. Family literacy embraces the intergenerational links which can interrupt the cycle of illiteracy. Teaching the parents and grandparents to increase their academic skills allows them to be a child’s first teacher.

The years from birth to 10 are a crucial age span, when a firm foundation is laid for healthy development and lifelong learning. At three, most children are self-confident and trusting, intellectually inquisitive, able to use language to communicate, able to use their increasing physical activity agility to play and explore, able to relate well to others, and able to empathize with others.

Enjoy the following family literacy websites to gather various ideas/activities to strengthen family literacy!

Reading is Fundamental

Family Literacy Special Collection

Partnership for Reading’s “A Child Becomes A Reader”

Family Literacy Resource Notebook:

Family Literacy Foundation:

National Center for Family Literacy:

International Reading Association:

American Library Association:

Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy:

Early Childhood Education

United States Department of Education