Saturday, March 26, 2011

Resourceful Websites for ESL Teachers

* (articles)
* (activities; membership fee required)
* (bingo games)
* (flash cards; membership fee required)
* (great information)
* (leveled books and reading ideas; membership fee required)
* (songs, poems, resources)
* (printables)
* (animated videos, free trial membership)

TESOL Convention Highlight: Resourceful Technology Tools

During the 45th Annual TESOL Convention and Exhibit, I attended a presentation titled, "Technology Today: What Leaders Need to Know and Do" by Emily Reynolds, Boulder, Colorado

Reynolds focused on computer literacy and the various resources available to enhance instruction. She mentioned the following technology tools that I think would be useful for my fellow ESL colleagues. We have used some of these technology tools, but they're still valuable, so I have left them on the list.

*Audacity (audio recording software):

*Skype (real-time voice communication):

*Yahoo Messenger (with voice in PC version):


*Resources for Blogs and Wikis:


*Resources for Podcasting:

*Resources for PowerPoint:

*Making a Web Page:

*KompoZer (open-source HTML Editor for Macintosh, Windows, and Linux):

*Elluminate – real-time virtual classroom environment: