Sunday, February 1, 2015

Free desktop wallpaper for February from WorldStart's Tech Tips

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February Wallpaper Is Ready
The featured desktop wallpaper for February is all set and ready to go. Check out the featured images below and stop by the site - hundreds to choose from.
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Frozen Lighthouse
It was January 16th 2015 – a Friday morning. I was in my normal routine and 
happened upon an icy photo that was taken a couple days before of the 
St Joseph Lighthouse. I knew the weather hadn’t been too warm and most 
likely the ice was still there. I had seen this frozen lighthouse before and had 
always longed to capture a photo. So, by early afternoon…(More)

Lunch Time
I captured this image of a coyote pouncing on my way back from a nice lunch 
in Yellowstone National Park. I discovered him patrolling a meadow and decided 
he looked friendly enough for a shot or two. I made my approach and he didn’t 
seem to mind too much – I think he was far more concerned about...(More)

Lindy Point Sunset
This was photographed during my very first evening at Blackwater Falls State 
Park. We had come for the waterfalls, but when we discovered this view I just 
knew I had to try and shoot it! We got VERY lucky in that the air was really 
turbulent – thunderstorms had just come through and there were all manner of cool 
clouds putting on a show. I knew...(More)

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