Saturday, April 30, 2011

AmeriCorps NCCC E-Newsletter

As an AmeriCorps Alumnus (2004), I do my best to try to "get things done" for the Guam community. I encourage my fellow AmeriCorps alumni to continue to make a difference!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

TESOL Convention Highlight #3

Six Blogging Activities for Practicing L2 English Writing

Presented by Kristina Scholz, Northern Arizona University

Scholz introduced six blogging activities that encourage ELLs to write freely and fluently in a low-stress, highly personalized context. The activities shared relate to specific writing forms and incorporate various creative internet-based tools. The blogging activities introduced can be modified to fit a variety of teaching situations.

She mentioned that the following activities would enhance the learning experience of ELLs:

• Activity #1: Profile Writing

• Activity #2: Report Writing

• Activity #3: Evaluation/Critique Writing

• Activity #4: Creative Writing

• Activity #5: Explanatory Writing

• Activity #6: Reflection Writing