Monday, January 14, 2013

Reviewed by Johnavan Tamayo

This website and organization is dedicated to giving children the gift of reading. was founded by a group of editors and publishers, to include Julie Stan, that are educators and parents. Early Moments has been around for 45 years publishing popular titles and series such as Baby Einstein, Dr. Seuss, and Disney.  It is their firm belief that reading to your children at a very young age will prove most beneficial to a lifetime of learning.

Early Moments provides 10 strategies that parents can incorporate into their routine.  With each strategy it requires that the parent be enthusiastic about reading and model ideal practices.  The strategies included are quite easy to incorporate. Words are everywhere, thus at every corner have children read the text in sight. Taking regular trips to the library is another way to keep children interested. This website also details games and activities parents can simply do at home with their children.

Lastly, they provide booklists of all those published under Disney, Baby Einstein, and Dr.Seuss. When you click the title it gives a detail description of the books origins, a summary, then an activity that can be performed in the home. Early Moments effectively promotes literacy, while focusing on reading at the early stages of a child’s life.

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