Saturday, August 2, 2008

Educational Technology

The following is a poem I wrote that is meant to be inspirational for educators to be abreast of the wonderful world of technology. It invites educators to embrace technology, so that they can enhance their instruction, and so much more.


E ducational Technology
D ives into a wonderful world of opportunity
U sing technology as a tool that
C aptures the interest of all who
A ct upon the unique needs of our students.
T eaching them effectively by
I ntegrating technology in the curriculum
O pens a global outreach to all by
N avigating with ease
A s communication is enhanced with
L inks that can assist you with a touch of a button, anyday, anytime.

T eaching
E ducational Technology
C an facilitate learning in the classroom by
H olding resources that can reinforce skills as we
N avigate
O n the threshold of our Technology Age.
L earning is enhanced with
O pportunities and information resources that
G ive our education a significant boost
Y ou and I can learn from and be proud of!
© mnrivera

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